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49€ Ticket: Discover Exciting Destinations Beyond Germany

49€ Ticket: Discover Exciting Destinations Beyond Germany

Are you longing to break free from your usual routine and embark on new adventures? Look no further! With your 49€ ticket, you can journey beyond the borders of Germany and uncover amazing places. This article will delve into the destinations you can explore with your 49€ ticket.

The Deutschland ticket, which has been valid for all regional railways and public transportation across the federal republic since May 1, 2023, opens up opportunities to travel extensively, albeit not on long-haul ICE or IC trains. By exercising a bit of patience, you can traverse significant distances with this €49 ticket, including venturing into some of Germany’s neighbouring countries. Notably, national train fare boundaries are not always precisely aligned with international borders, allowing certain stations on the other side of the border to still fall under the German national fare in specific cases. As long as local transportation is available for these connections, travellers can leverage the €49 ticket to cross these borders. From Tønder to Salzburg, we’ll show you how to make the most of your monthly ticket.

  1. Tønder, Denmark 

    This charming town offers a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in Danish culture and lies across the border from Germany. Be sure to visit the Tønder Museum, which houses a diverse collection of Danish art and artefacts. The RB66 departs from Niebüll, Schleswig-Holstein, and continues into Denmark, reaching Tønder, a quaint Danish town known for hosting its own annual festival, a highlight for folk music enthusiasts. It’s worth noting that Tønder has been a favourite destination for European elopers since the 1960s, providing a chance to transform your 49€ ticket vacation into a life-changing experience. Due to Denmark’s lenient marriage laws, many couples opt for Scandinavian weddings over Germany’s bureaucratic process.

  2. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    This tiny nation is celebrated for its stunning landscapes, medieval architecture, and delectable cuisine. Don’t miss visiting the Bock Casemates, Luxembourg Gardens, and the Grand Duke’s Palace. With the RE11 train, you can reach Luxembourg, one of Europe’s more manageable countries, via Koblenz and Trier. Fans of the now-defunct but fondly remembered €9 ticket will appreciate an extra perk: all public transportation in Luxembourg is free for both residents and tourists. This legislation, implemented in 2020, allows you to explore the entire country practically for free. In Luxembourg, you can explore on foot by taking a leisurely 12-hour walk from Wormeldange to Aubange via Luxembourg City.

  3. Venlo, The Netherlands

    Venlo, a Dutch city renowned for its vibrant nightlife and picturesque canals, beckons travellers to explore its historic city centre and savour local cuisine. The RE13 train takes you from Germany to Venlo in a mere six minutes, offering a quick escape to a city that has played a significant role in world history. The 49€ ticket opens up opportunities to discover foreign destinations near borders, each with unique stories from WWI and WWII. For a relaxing spring or summer getaway, stroll along the Meuse River and savour a beer at Café de Klep beer garden.

  4. Salzburg, Austria

    For city visits beyond Germany, this is the pinnacle you can achieve with a €49 ticket. Taking the Bavarian RE5 train from Munich, you can reach the heart of Salzburg in about two hours. Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, is renowned as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born there in 1756. This fact is central to the city’s tourism, with Mozartkugel pistachio and marzipan chocolates dominating many tourist sites and shops. So, put on your headphones and enjoy a delightful stroll!

  5. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, situated just across the Rhine River, is a blend of French and German influences. Including it on this list may seem deceptive, as Strasbourg requires additional euros alongside the €49 ticket for entry. For Francophiles in Germany, the RB25 is a great choice. Starting in Offenburg, it reaches Strasbourg in just over 30 minutes. Disembark at Kehl, the last stop in Germany, and transfer to trams at Bahnhof Kehl. Strasbourg is easily accessible on foot and makes for an ideal weekend getaway. The Notre Dame Cathedral stands tall over the old town, and the Upper Rhine Valley with its inviting picnic spots awaits exploration.

Remember that careful planning is essential when travelling outside of Germany. With your €49 ticket, you have the opportunity to explore destinations beyond Germany. Discover affordable travel options, book accommodations at hotels or hostels, and take advantage of regional deals and discounts. With some advance planning, you can make the most of your €49 ticket and create unforgettable memories in these incredible locations. Pack your bags, grab your €49 ticket, and prepare to embark on an exciting journey beyond Germany. Safe travels!

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